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Username change

Hey Guys

For anyone out there that actually follows me, my username has changed from bloodied_saint --> yakshini


QLD is on mother natures shit-list.
For those that don't know me, or anything about me, I'm from Australia. A Queenslander through and through, born and bred here, and proud of it.

In case you've missed it, far north QLD, is about to be hit by a category 5 tropical cyclone, only weeks after being hit by the worst floods in QLD's history. This is going to be the worst cyclone that Australia has ever seen.

I live in Brisbane, although I'm originally from Mackay, and watching this happen all over again is like being kicked while we're down. It's genuinely terrifying to think of the damage that Cyclone Yasi is going to cause, and it's left me feeling anxious and sick.

The purpose of this post is just to ask that you all send out prayers and hopes for all those about to be affected by this. Be thankful for your life, your family, and all those that you love. If you can, hug them, kiss them, and tell them you love them.

A Picspam My Top 50 Hamish and Andy Photos.

A Picspam of 50 of my favourite Hamish and Andy Photo's.

My Top 6 OTP's + Honorable mentions.

I have been inspired by the awesomely beautiful picspams I have seen over the past few days. I've compiled a picspam of my Top 6 OTP's + honorable mentions in both Tv and Literature. I hope everyone likes it, and comments are awesome.

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Hooked (Buffy/Methos)
   Title: Hooked
   Author: Kalika
   Rating: FR-13
   World Count: 230
   Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
   Spoliers: None
   Pairing:  Buffy/Methos
   Summary: Methos was hooked.


Former lurker and about me
So i've been a lurker for many, many years, and I have finally decided to pull the finger out and start posting my goodies. I hope you all like what I have to offer.

All about me under the link. Read it, you know you want to, I'm fascinating.

I am

‡ 22

‡ A Queenslander

‡ A fangirl

‡ Easily amused and easily bored

‡ Intolerant of stupidity and ignorance

‡ The best friend you can have

‡ A little OCD

‡ I live the Jossverse

‡ I would die for my peeps

‡ I'm loves bitch, and I know it

‡ Family has the ability to both break and heal my heart

‡ Open minds and funky dance moves make me weak at the knees

‡ I value true friends, not the screwy kind that push and pull

‡ I don't understand lying

‡ Don't tell me no, or that I wouldn't understand

‡ Do not mistake my indifferece for coldheartedness, I love deeper then you know.

My Fandoms (And 'ships) include

‡ Buffy & Angel (Buffy/Angel)

‡ Supernatural

‡ Bones (Booth/Bones)

‡ Smallville (Clark/Lex)

‡ Firefly (River/Mal, Mal/Simon)

‡ Grey's Anatomy (Mark/Meredith, Meredith/Alex)

‡ Harry Potter (Harry/Draco, Harry/Luna, Remus/Sirius)

‡ NCIS (Gibbs/Tony)

‡ Merlin (Merlin/Arthur)

‡ due South (Fraser/Ray K)

‡ Inception (Arthur/Eames)

‡ Hawaii 5-0 (Steve/Danno)

‡ Star Trek (Kirk/Spock)

‡ Kradam (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert)

‡ Glee (Rachel/anyone but Finn)


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